Setting an Intention

by trdepalo

Last winter I started practicing yoga, and at the beginning of every class we are told to set an intention for the practice as a way to focus our energy. For my first post, I am setting the intention of this blog to be a place for me to explore my writing, my identity and my ideas about the world. I hope I will feel comfortable to explore and chronicle what goes on in my mind, and pursue my thoughts to some sort of completion.

I named this blog after a phrase that stuck with me from one of my favorite books, Cervantes’ Don Quixote. At one point in the novel, Quixote is describing one of his wild fantasies to his sidekick and companion Sancho and imagines a battle scene between two neighboring towns, when in reality he is seeing two separate herds of grazing sheep. As he is relating his vast imagination to Sancho, there was a detail that caught my eye. He describes the shield of one of his concocted knights and rendered on the shield is a phrase, “Rastrea Mi Suerte.” While this phrase has many translations, my favorite is “My Fate Creeps Along.” While I am unsure why this has stuck with me through the years, I have found the personification of one’s personal fate creeping along the course of one’s life to be both beautiful and haunting, and somewhat reassuring. I am constantly envisioning my future and often get lost in my own imagination and ignore my present, but Rastrea Mi Suerte reminds me how no matter how much I imagine what lies ahead I must accept and follow the creeping and slow path of life.